Stick to the routine

Radiant healthy looking skin is rarely an accident, it’s usually the result of tender loving care. Behind almost every good skin there’s a daily skin care routine (I’m saying almost as some of us – not me sadly – are like unicorns that have been blessed with naturally good skin, not dependent on diet or skincare habits).

If you skip your evening cleanse, forgo nourishing your skin with a face oil or a moisturiser and dip in and out of your skincare routine, you’ll always have to sort out an unhappy skin rather than simply maintain a glowing one.

So if good skin is what your heart desires (don’t we all??), commit to taking care of it on a daily basis. Make it a daily habit, like brushing your teeth, and you’ll see a (radiant) difference.

Stay tuned for posts about how to take care of your complexion in a simple and effective way, so it can glow with radiance and look it’s healthy best, always.

Patti x

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