Pro Ageing

Iris Apfel

On my recent visit to the library (aka the book heaven) I saw the title I’ve been wanting to read for a while: “The Longevity Book: Live Stronger. Live Better. The Art of Ageing Well” written by Cameron Diaz with Sandra Bark. I’ve only just started reading it but Cameron’s approach to ageing strongly resonates with me. We share the same view and she puts it into words beautifully:

“… as long as I get to keep on ageing, I’m pretty lucky. Not everyone has the opportunity to grow old. Some people die before they have a chance to celebrate another birthday.”

“I think it’s so sad that instead of applauding our birthdays, instead of appreciating them, instead of being grateful for this extra time, so many of us lie about our age. As women, we are routinely shamed for ageing. We are made to feel that getting older – and especially, looking older – is somehow a personal failure.”

Amen, Cameron! It’s so refreshing to read those word. Ladies, let’s celebrate our age with every cell of out bodies, it’s a gift! Let’s not hide the candles on the birthday cake, let’s be proud!

How did we end up in times when life expectancy, amazingly, is longer than ever but ironically looking our age is perceived as a bad thing? Why is it that our looks have an expiry date?

We all want to look good, it’s only natural. That’s the reason I LOVE doing facials: it makes your skin look radiant, it can naturally take years of your face, it’s deeply relaxing; all of that makes you feel fantastic. But looking great for our age is different than trying to stop or turn back  the clock. If you are a fan of cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, dermal fillers, face lift etc. and they make you feel good, then who am I to tell you not to have them done? If you truly use those appearance altering procedures because it makes you, and only you, happy, then that’s your prerogative. However if you use them because you feel the pressure to maintain an unrealistic youthful appearance, then that’s a whole different story.

Luckily the tide is ever so slowly changing in the beauty and fashion world. Some beauty brands started to use mature faces at last, see the magnificent Helen Mirren for L’Oréal (that woman truly knows how to ROCK leopard print). During last fashion shows (as reported by GRAZIA) a few designers finally have sent older models down the catwalks, proving that fashion has no age limit.

We might only have one life. Don’t let anyone tell you how to look or to dress ‘your age’ (what’s that anyway?). Do what feels good. Do what makes YOU happy.

Patti x

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