Face Oils

Face oils are like superfood for your skin. They are 100% natural, rich in:

  • essential nutrients
  • antioxidants
  • vitamins


They make a wonderful night time treatment (used instead of a night cream), can be used on any skin type and have many benefits:

• replenish the skin’s natural moisture levels
• nourish and comfort dry skin
• rebalance oily skin
• soften and soothe the skin
• help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• many face oils will contain beautiful aromatic blends of essential oils for aromatherapy benefits and to make the application feel like an indulgent treat

In the treatment room I use face oils in every face massage for a healthy, radiant looking skin.

If you haven’t tried a face oil yet, I urge  you to do so! Now is the perfect time for it. With the onset of colder weather, face oils are the ideal nourishing night time treatment for your skin.

There are many beautiful face oils to chose from these days, many with truly wonderful scents. Personally I would use one instead of a night cream. Plant oils won’t block your pores, are easy to use and by the time you wake up, the oil will be absorbed by your skin leaving you with a healthy glow. And if you have a moment, you can treat your face to little massage whilst applying it for an extra boost!

Patti x

3 thoughts on “Face Oils

  1. saradiz says:

    I really love the face oils. They make the skin so soft and hydrate them. Moreover, the cold is season is (almost) here so, more hydrating! Btw great post! xx


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