Facial Reflexology

If you love reflexology, Facial Reflexology offers the same benefits of traditional reflexology with the added bonus of a glowing complexion!

HI RES Zone-Face-Lift-Quarter-Chart-no logo.png

I was very fortunate to train with Ziggie Bergman at the London School of Reflexology, which holds its residence at the prestigious Regents University. Ziggie is the award winning creator of Bergman Method Facial Reflexology, she’s been named by Daily Mail as the “Facial Reflexologist to the stars”.

For those who are new to reflexology, it’s an ancient healing tradition based on the principle that all parts of our body are connected by energy pathways, which end in the hands, feet and head. A Facial Reflexology treatment uses pressure massage on the face to promote balance in the corresponding organs, glands and structures. This releases areas of tension and helps energy to flow more freely throughout your body. As your energy flow is rebalanced, you’ll feel deeply relaxed and replenished and your complexion will regain its healthy radiance.

Facial Reflexology is such a unique holistic treatment, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to offer it as part of my treatment menu.

Patti x


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